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This is a post about me.

I've decided it's time for a new 'About Me' post because the other one seemed outdated and doesn't really have much information about me, per se. So here goes:

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That's about it! Ask me questions if you want to know anything more! Thank you for reading this far, really. I'm sure it has been

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Word vomit!

1) Helloooooo, flist! I've been meaning to post ever since 2013 dawned on us, but the one time I tried, LJ crashed on me, and... well, I didn't really bother trying again until now. Yay, procrastination mixed with a lack of intelligent things to say! Honestly, though, I really feel like LJ is dying out. I don't want it to, because I'm still nostalgic about all the friendships I formed here, and because this is really a better place to carry out discussions than Tumblr, but I'm not really contributing in terms of keeping it alive, either, so I don't know. Is anyone still actively using this place, or have y'all migrated? I know that some of you, like me, might not be posting much, but still checking your flists regularly, so I'm a bit nervous about doing a friends-cut and taking out people who're here, but just lurking. If you're around and plan to stay on, could you drop me a quick line in the comments so I know you're still here? Thank you! :)

2) It's a whole new year, folks! How's everyone managing so far? My month has been going pretty well, to be honest.Collapse )

3) TV! This is one area I really need to get better organized at. I'm still watching things randomly, as and when I feel like it, and subsequently not really catching up with or finishing ANYTHING. The "current" up-to-date list includes Arrow, Elementary and The Vampire Diaries (but I'm dropping this starting this week, because UGH I CANNOT DEAL WITH THE NONSENSE). I'ma also catching up with a ton of stuff including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S2), Homeland (S1), Breaking Bad (S2) and Being Human UK (starting from S1, just to be thorough, but will be watching S5 when it airs). Apart from that, I'm all caught up with and will be watching Community, Game of Thrones and Teen Wolf whenever they start airing. (I HOPE). Ugh, MESSYYYYY.

4) Oh, oh, oh, how could I forget? I started watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries this week (because everyone on Tumblr seemed to be enjoying it so much) and it's SO GOOD, y'all. The adaptation to modern-day, internet-era, vlogging-style is so clever, and the cast is so brilliant that it really feels super genuine and not at all like someone's making a fictional series. I highly recommend it if you haven't started watching already, even though I'm only on episode 30 and haven't even met the infamous Darcy in person yet (I've been spoiled by Tumblr, though, so I know what he turns out to be like!), and even though I'm not even that big a fan of the original Pride & Prejudice to begin with! Good stuff.

5) I'm looking forward to so many movies this year! Off the top of my head, I know I really want to see Stoker (incestual creepiness, yay!), The Host (SHUT UP IT HAS OSCAR NOMINEE SAOIRSE RONAN, OKAY? and Jake Abel! <3) and Now You See Me (the cast is stellar and super-random), but because I also get attached to specific celebrities and stalk them and their movies as they're being made, and because I seem to be into a lot of actors/actresses this year, I'll have a lot more to add to the list as the year goes on. What are your must-sees this year, flist?

On a random note, none of my icons match the stuff I'm actually watching at the moment. FAIL.
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For your eyes only.


This journal is now semi-Friends Only for fear of prying eyes, and will remain as such until my paranoia dies down. All private entries will be locked, but fannish posts (picspams, episode reviews, squee posts, etc.) will remain mostly public. Considering this journal is mostly focussed on my fannish obsessions and very little on my private life, the FO thing shouldn't really make much of a difference. Below is a list of all the shows I watch, so if you find common interests and want to be friended, just leave me a comment here, telling me a little about yourself and why you want to be friends, and I'll most likely add you back. The more, the merrier! Feel free to use the comment space on this entry for anything and everything else as well! :)

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1) Hallo, LJ! How's everyone on the flist doing? I just got back from a two-week trip home to India, and work proper doesn't start up until next week, so I'm in a pretty relaxed state of mind at the moment. I don't celebrate Christmas, but it's just such an enjoyable part of the year! Everyone is in festive spirits, there's gifts being exchanged, the streets and malls are all decked out, shopping is more fun and life just seems a little happier everywhere. Then, of course, there's the impending start to the new year, filled with clean slates and fresh starts and new possibilities and how can anyone not look forward to that? Especially now that we seem to have survived the apocalypse!

2) I didn't get to watch much TV while I was away, but I've slowly been catching up on everything. Inexplicably, Elementary has become my happy place and I grin like an idiot every time Sherlock and Joan pop up on my Tumblr dashboard. THEIR ADORABLE FACES. I know I said that the show needs better plots if it wants to keep me engaged, but the characterization is so fabulous that it has pretty much overtaken the need for a great plot. Who cares what they're solving as long as it's them and their banter and their faces and their stupid smiles? Sherlock completely supporting Joan through the whole ex-boyfriend thing, him explaining to her family how she saves lives... ugh, my heart. I even get all mushy thinking about how far Detective Bell has come from the first episode in terms of tolerating Sherlock. Even I honestly didn't think I'd get this attached to the characters, and they haven't even introduced the big guns yet. Keep on keeping on, show. <3

3) I wish my other shows were delivering this well. I won't mince words; The Vampire Diaries has become a total clusterfuck. Collapse )

4) Speaking of "FUCK THIS SHIT" (cookie if you get this segue), I've properly got back on the Homeland train. I watched a few episodes a few months ago but didn't follow through, partly because I didn't have the time then and partly because I was supposed to be focusing my energies on finishing up Breaking Bad before the final part began this year, but I guess it's just less intimidating to try and catch up on 2 seasons of Homeland versus 5 seasons of BB, plus Homeland's a lot more relevant around the internet world right now, which gives me more motivation to watch it. Anyway, I'm not hearing great things about Season 2, which is sad because as of now, midway through the first season, I'm already seeing why this show was so lauded in the first place. To think I didn't even like Claire Danes before this!

5) Have I ever mentioned that I watched a whole season of Being Human over a single night and really enjoyed it? Of course, I don't have the attachment to Annie/Mitchell/George(/Nina) that the long-time viewers do, so I'm really excited for the Hal/Tom/Alex series to begin. I thought they had great chemistry in the episodes they had together in the previous series, and there's just so much more that could be explored with a new cast. Sometimes I think all shows should have do-overs like this to stop becoming formulaic and dull, but I'm not sure if American shows would be able to pull that off as well as British shows seem to. Anyway, does anyone else on my flist still follow the show?